Global commerce means multiple languages, different cultures, and new challenges for litigation support teams. Translating the massive amounts of eDiscovery documentation is cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. With LSI's litigation translation and eDiscovery translation services, it is no longer necessary to waste time and money translating thousands or even millions of pages of dubious relevance. LSI combines state-of-the-art technology with human capital in a unique approach to litigation and eDiscovery translation for mergers, acquisitions and other court proceedings. 

Litigation translation is more important now than ever before. Our global economy creates global legal matters. Without proper support, litigation teams can become mired in a deluge of foreign language data, much of which is trivial or irrelevant.

LSI uses a unique text analytic approach to machine translation to quickly identify and organize the significant foreign language documents. After a first pass, a team of native language experts is deployed to process the relevant documents. They work together with the litigation team to determine which documents require additional refinement. LSI applies this system in many foreign languages.

The exchange of information between attorneys is critical to any legal proceeding. Translating mountains of data can quickly cause costs to spiral out of control. LSI keeps the cost of eDiscovery in line with the significance of the information.

Select Translation Service

LSI created a new system to determine the relevancy of documents.Select Translation Service (STS) is based on more than four decades of high-volume translation. We use text analytics, search, online review, and a combination of targeted machine translation with human revision to pinpoint the relevant documents and prepare them for use in court. Our system includes a final stage of certified human translation for documents that will be submitted to the court. This is a highly effective eDiscovery translation system that saves time and unnecessary expense.

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