Advertising and Marketing

Marketing and advertising requires a clear understanding of the audience you're trying to reach. Marketers spend a great deal of time making sure that the messages and call to action in their campaigns resonate with their audience. In addition to the complexities involved in learning about varied audiences, you also need to deal with the complexities of language and culture.Translation has become essential for marketing in these new markets. But the examples and tone of these translations are uniquely challenging: the message must resonate with your new market.

LSI uses translators who are native speakers of the languages spoken by the audiences you want to reach. They not only have the knowledge needed to understand what works in that culture, they also know what will not work. As a result, our marketing translations produced are not just fluid and accurate, but also culturally appropriate, targeting audiences by speaking to them in terms they understand and idioms that they can accept and appreciate.

We go a step further still: we send the marketing translation to a subject matter expert in marketing and advertising review as well. This ensures that your translation is both accurate and appropriate for your audience, and that the message and call to action are captured as if the marketing piece had been developed for this new audience. LSI had over 7,000 translators and we maintain outstanding customer service.

Place your marketing materials in the hands of one of the translation industry’s best. Here is a small, representative list of the types of materials we regularly translate:

Trade show materials
Banner texts
Product brochures
Informational brochures
Media kits
Press packets
Marketing strategies
Marketing studies
Product campaigns
Promotional messages
Advertising slogans
Posters, etc…

And yes, one of our premier services is foreign brand name and logo analysis.

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