Brand Name and Logo Analysis

This service is essential when you want to market your product directly in a foreign country or through the Internet. There are some special risks. You want to be certain that the product name will convey a friendly image in the foreign countries. 

Even when ordinary English words are used as brand names or slogans in foreign markets they may have unexpected repercussions. Most successful products will eventually be marketed abroad, and the best time to research the product or brand name for foreign connotations is at the beginning. It is very expensive to change the name once the product has been launched.

The message is clear: do not take unnecessary risks. A short investigation will quickly reveal potential problems or give you the green light to move ahead with confidence, knowing that the name will be an asset rather than a liability in other cultures.

LSI. researches and evaluates company and product names for cultural appropriateness and for the impact a new name may have on people in foreign cultures. Our evaluators are more than just native speakers; they have specialized linguistic training and live in or return frequently to the countries of your target market. Simply knowing the foreign language is not enough to qualify for this type of work: your analyst needs to understand all possible implications of using the proposed name in their country.

Some criteria we evaluate for use abroad include:

  • Possible offensiveness
  • Similarity to other words in the language
  • Ease of pronunciation
  • Memorability
  • Evocation or association with particular images
  • Appropriateness of idiomatic fit to the product or company.

We analyze names for all of the most important commercial languages as well as dialects of these languages (e.g., Canadian French, Mexican Spanish). Our clients select the languages and target countries for which they want the product or service name analyzed. Often more than one name is researched at the same time to ensure at least one choice will be satisfactory..

Our company has been researching the suitability of proposed company and product names for more than 20 years. The results are very interesting, sometimes startling. But in the end we provide our clients with a safe harbor at every port of call they need throughout the world.

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