Foreign Language Business Cards

Foreign language business cards are like diamonds. Both are small . . . and both are extremely valuable. Produced with the utmost care for accuracy and aesthetics, the international business card can bridge a culture gap in a single moment, while at the same time establishing an identification foundation that will open the way for successful communication. We have prepared  tens of thousands of business cards for American companies, and institutions.

Linguistic Systems, Inc. can prepare culturally appropriate business cards with your correct title and the phonetically correct pronunciation of your name to create the right impression (For some cultural notes about Japanese business cards, access how to present your card in Japan). Firms such as AT&T, Deloitte & Touche, Eastman Kodak, General Electric, General Motors, Exxon, Mobil Corporation, Raytheon, Sony Electronics, and Xerox are a few of the hundreds of industrial corporations, as well as universities, and non-profit organizations that rely on us to create their international business cards.

We can create your card in: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and other languages. Our professional translators combine native fluency in the target language with appropriate expertise in finance, marketing, production, engineering, or your specific area.

Names are transliterated when converted; therefore, we must understand the correct pronunciation. Please enclose some indication of the pronunciation of names where there may be doubt or difficulty. The translation and proofreading is done by experienced native professionals of the language.

We offer:

  • Accurately worded translations
  • Culturally adapted title, organizational identity, and card layout
  • Camera-ready file, which your printer can input as an image.
  • Timely delivery -- same day service when necessary.

Normal turnaround time for translation and camera-ready typesetting of business cards is two to three business days. One-day rush service is available on special orders.

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