Clinical Research and Trials 

With the growing volume of clinical research and trials being conducted in foreign countries, there is an urgent need for accurate foreign language translation. This work involves an expert knowledge of the study guidelines to translate into the foreign language and of the medical terms to render the data correctly in English. An added complication is that sometimes the languages are less common, such as Urdu, Tagalog, Bengali, or Gujarati.

LSI. translates and processes more than 25,000 pages per year of patient data. We maintain a secure system that meets stringent requirements for HIPAA standards. If you are collecting data through an e-trial system, LSI can turn around the clinical trial translation rapidly to maintain vital currency.

Some types of documents we translate in the clinical trial field are:

  • Patient recruitment materials
  • Protocols
  • Patient informed consent forms
  • Case report forms and patient-specific data
  • Adverse event reports
  • Drug labeling, packaging, and information for use
  • Other needs, including training materials with A/V, software localization, and site administrative documents
We can provide you expert language services across the entire process including:

  • Clinical research
  • Phases 0 -IV of clinical trials
  • Surveys
  • Drug testing 
  • Regulatory approved dossiers
  • Registration submission and review
  • Production and marketing
We also translate medical journal articles and provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for hospital/patient needs and professional conferences, both on-site and remotely.

We understand that your foreign language medical translation must be understood by patients worldwide without misunderstandings or errors, keeping safety first in mind. That is why our experienced translators are subject matter and native language experts. Our select only the best translators in the industry. So we can provide you peace of mind.

We have worked for almost all US–based major pharmaceutical companies performing clinical trials translation and we are equally active in the medical device industry. LSI maintains a rigorous quality standard based on verified translations performed by medical subject experts. We are recognized by leading medical publishers, associations, hospitals, and research institution clients.

LSI maintains a full service capacity for all media and regularly processes audio recordings as well as text files and hard copy. For regulatory submissions we provide notarized certification of translation accuracy.

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