Website Globalization

Globalization Of WebsitesWebsite globalization is more than translation. It includes cultural adaptation to local standards and measures, as well as local advertising imagery and cultural strategies.

We offers website globalization services that respects local culture while delivering your core corporate message and consistent brand identity.

We also offer content management and updating services for maintaining currency of your Website Globalization  in multiple languages.As you update or change the English content on your site, it is essential that the foreign language versions also be updated.To facilitate this process Linguistic Systems takes advantage of special software that can automatically detect changes in the English - no matter how long or complex your website is.

Today, most large companies are developing  their website in several languages for good reason -- it pays. There is a great deal of leverage in reaching worldwide target audiences in the local language with appropriate customization. Market surveys prove it, and what is true for large companies holds true for every company.  If you want to expand your business, reach out to a larger audience in the local languages they are most comfortable with.

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