Interpreting Services

LSI. offers accurate interpreting services that promise comprehensible, successful communication. Our interpreters are available for business meetings, conference calls, conventions, exhibitions, courtroom and depositions, medical exams, community meetings, and tours. In today’s world, communication is a key factor for success. The need to overcome a language barrier can be critical and LSI’s interpreting services are always available to help.

Simultaneous interpreting

The LSI simultaneous interpreting service is in high demand at international conferences, business, and community meetings where it permits presentations and discussion to proceed at the same pace as a single language meeting. Each attendee hears what is being said in his or her own language with the help of an wireless receiver.

The simultaneous interpreting service is a combination of highly talented conference interpreters and wireless electronic equipment to transmit the interpreters' words to the appropriate listeners.

LSI provides a complete package. Our simultaneous interpreters are trained, highly qualified specialists, selected from a pool of over 200, according to subject and native language. All are highly skilled professionals with years of simultaneous interpreting experience. The right experts familiar with the subject matter of your agenda are assigned to your conference.

The equipment is based on state-of-art infrared or FM wireless transmission. Booths meet the ISO-4043 standard for conference interpreting. Up to 12 languages and audiences of unlimited size can be accommodated at any location in North America.

Simultaneous interpreting is the ultimate in international conference hospitality. There is no better way to attract foreign attendance. Try it in your next promotion. You will be delighted with the response and with the added contribution foreign visitors will make at the conference.

Conferences and small meetings

LSI also provides simultaneous interpreters and equipment for smaller meetings, usually with 20 or fewer participants. For this type of situation, we use portable wireless FM-based equipment with a range of about 250 feet. The receiver and transmitter are small, and can be carried in a pocket or clipped to a belt for ease of movement, making them appropriate for touring facilities as well as meetings in a single room.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is appropriate for law offices, business meetings, and various medical situations where language is a barrier. Consecutive interpreters translate what a person has just said immediately after it has been said. A highly trained consecutive interpreter is able to interpret in both directions, delivering the message with the same intonation and emphasis as each speaker, without embellishment. LSI has provided this service for oral depositions and various other situations for over 50 languages.

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