Japanese Translation & Interpreting Center

A special service: high quality, attention to detail and cultural sensitivity

LSI created the Japanese Translation & Interpreting Center (JTIC) to bridge the communication gap between native speakers of Japanese and those who only speak English. The cultural divide between Japan and the West requires a keen understanding of both cultures to transfer meaning accurately and completely.

Our Japanese business cards are unique: LSI's in-house native speakers take pains to provide the phonetic sound of names so Japanese speakers will be able to pronounce those names correctly.

The Japanese Translation & Interpreting Center difference:

  • 46 years of Japanese translation experience
  • Bilingual sales and customer service (English/Japanese
  • Attention to detail and cultural sensitivity
  • Rush services available upon request

Professional services offered:

  • Human translation
  • Machine translation with post-editing
  • Desktop Publishing (DTP) -- manuals, periodicals, marketing communications collateral
  • Interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, and telephone interpreting)
  • Brand name analysis for foreign markets
  • Audio/visual narration for screen conversions
Some LSI Japanese translation clients:

 Sony                       Toyota Takeda Pharmaceutical
 Hitachi Mazda Mitsubishi Chemical
 Honda US Patent Office       Boston Red Sox
 NEC Fujitsu Sumitomo Bank
 Asahi Glasss Tokyo Electron Toyoda Machinery

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