Machine Translation and Post-Editing

Machine Translation and Post-EditingLSI offers fast, low-cost machine translation using high-end software. Machine translation can be very useful for obtaining a quick, general language conversion for large amounts of material. Although it does not provide a consistently grammatical conversion, it does allow people to understand the gist of a document. A machine translation output can provide a useful base for translating manuals that have a great deal of repetitive text, after the relevant technical terms are added to the dictionary. To use machine translation, the original document must be available electronically in a standard PC word processed format.

For a more polished and linguistically accurate language conversion, LSI specializes in post-editing of machine translations. We are an officially approved post-editor for several government organizations (the European Commission, United Nations) and individual companies. The post-editing add-on service provides fast, convenient, and economical translation for texts that are available electronically. Relatively short original texts (3000 words or less) can be translated and post-edited within one or two days.

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