Medical Translation Service

medical translation serviceThe Medical Translation Center has been serving the medical and pharmaceutical industries since 1967. LSI is a leading provider of medical translation services, serving leading medical publishers and associations. In addition to translation of journal articles, newsletters, and medical books, LSI provides a range of commercial translation services for the pharmaceutical industry that include:.

  • Culturally adapted (localized) translation of promotional material, instructions for use, manuals, labels, monographs, and other documentation required to meet EU and other government regulations to sell and distribute medical products in foreign countries;
  • Language conversion of clinical trial documentation for internal review and submission to government regulatory agencies;
  • Translation services for patents, contracts, journal articles, training material, software, business reports, proposals, A/V presentations, multilingual Web sites, and other materials needed to support global business and information gathering from foreign sources;
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for conferences, training, negotiations, medical exams, hospital patient needs, etc. for real-time language assistance;
  • Production services such as DTP and A/V in more than 50 languages to complete the language conversion process;
  • Fast turnaround through an online ordering and delivery service with machine translation in 10 languages paired with English and augmented by human editing or translation without MT;
  • Significant time and cost savings through the use of translation memory tools to capture and re-use translation for repeat text;
  • Control of correct terminology by maintaining client translation data with automatic look-up for full terminology consistency;
  • Coverage of 115 languages;
  • Notarized certification of translation when requested.

Subject knowledge expertise is the foundation of our medical translation services work.

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