Multimedia and Audio-Visual Translation Services

Audio Video Translation ServicesOur audio-visual translation services professionals have prepared language conversions of films, videos, presentations, and multimedia for more than 35 years. 

We help you determine the best way to adapt your materials for your target market before starting production. Our process includes client review, feedback, and approval as essential for producing the product that best suits your needs. Often our clients monitor recording sessions to ensure that timing, voice quality, volume, emphasis, and mixing of music and sound effects are exactly right. The foreign language version must be equal to the English original in all respects.

We produce:

  • Promotional, training, and instructional videos
  • Multimedia programs on CD-ROM
  • Multilingual audio tours for museums and other tourist attractions
  • Slides and overheads for presentations
  • Video translation and narration
  • Transcription and translation of audio recording for litigation ediscovery

Your Choices

  • Our professional staff has experience using several different techniques to adapt videos or audio tracks to other languages. These include:
    • Lip-synching, where foreign language actors' voices are carefully dubbed in place of an on-camera actor;
    • Voice-over production, a UN-style technique that replaces the existing narrator's voice with a narrator speaking another language, yet allows the original audio to be heard at a suppressed level in the background;
    • On-screen text replacement and subtitling: an on-screen written translation of the original audio, which remains unaltered.

While most clients choose voice-over narration, subtitling or lip-synching may be preferable for certain situations. LSI has an inventory of almost 200 male and female professional voices to choose from for more than 20 of the most common foreign languages. Professional narrator voice samples are available on request. Tape samples can be provided to help the client select the most appropriate voices.

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