Patent Translation

Linguistic Systems, Inc. has been providing expertise for patent translations since 1967. Performed by specialists with the relevant background, Linguistic System, Inc. delivers the accurate patent translation work needed by clients for correct evaluation or for filing applications in foreign or international patent offices. Generally, when both English and foreign (local) language versions are submitted, the foreign language version, which is the translation, is the controlling version. Accuracy and precise terminology are vital to preserve the integrity of the patent and protect against infringement.  LSI applies the necessary care and expertise needed.

Some of the major fields we work in are:

  • Aeronautics and space
  • Life science biochemistry
  • Medical
  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Construction
  • Materials
  • Software
  • Electrical

Linguistic Systems, Inc. maintains a quality assurance system with ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and EN 15038 certifications. Our patent translators have a combination of technical background, linguistic ability, and years of patent translation experience to meet your highest expectations.

For survey work, Linguistic Systems, Inc. offers a cost effective means to reduce cost by using machine translation with minor editing of foreign patents for a first pass to screen out the foreign patents that do not warrant careful review. For those patents that are significant, we can further post-edit the machine translation to deliver a highly accurate rendering or disregard the machine translation to perform a new human translation. Additional savings come from the use of a memory tool that captures and re-uses repeat text (including fuzzy matches), commonly found in patent applications.

When you need a patent document but in a different language from the one it's published in, you can rely on over 46 years of experience in producing expert work for most of the AmLaw 100.

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