Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

Over-the-Phone Interpretation services can reduce the high cost of on-site interpreting. The fast growth of this service is a testimony to its effectiveness. Healthcare, customer care centers,and government services are some of the major users of telephone interpreting.  Offering 150 languages and a response time of fewer than 20 seconds for common languages, many large organizations are turning to LSI.

Our performance-based business model uses quality as the foundation for driving cost efficiencies to provide the greatest return on investment to its clients.

Professional Interpreters

Only professional interpreters represent the multilingual voices of your customers. From Arabic to Zulu, our interpreters support more than 150 languages and dialects and are just a toll-free number away from your organization 24/7, 365 days a year. LSI offers a network of more than 1200 professional interpreters to tap the best language skills and resources.

Our Expertise 

Language proficiency may seem an obvious qualification, but at Linguistic Systems, Inc. our standard is not proficiency;it's native-speaking mastery in both English and the target foreign language.This is an important quality and performance distinction, particularly from service providers that source overseas using bilinguals who may not have high-level English skills necessary for accurate and efficient interpretation.

Cultural Aptitude 

The world is diverse culturally as well as linguistically. In fact, in the more than 20 countries where Spanish is spoken,each country has cultural distinctions, regionalisms, and idiomatic expressions that impact language meaning. Linguistic Systems, Inc. requires its interpreters to have lived in both the U.S. and the country of language origin to ensure that they have the cultural aptitude required for accurate interpretation.

Quality Technology and Processes 

LSI continues to break call volume records. Our technology and operational processes ensure scalability,business continuity, and service level performance with:

  • Integration of proprietary systems and advanced software and hardware from best-in-class technology providers
  • Telecommunications and data infrastructure scaled to meet our rapidly expanding service volumes
  • Redundancy and multi-level tested for disaster recovery
  • Quality monitoring technology and established processes that ensure optimal performance of our interpreters
  • Information security practices that meet the stringent requirements of our financial services customers and government support programs, where confidential data must be protected
  • Dedicated, proactive customer and technical support

What people say about us ...

I was very pleased with LSI’s efficient service and the helpfulness of the interpreter.


The interpreter did a superlative job, always a good experience using your service!

Call Center Manager

Thank you again for your continued support and custom solutions. We appreciate all the hard work your team has done to assist us with our diverse clients. We look forward to using your service for a long time to come.

Operations Director

Our experience with your service has been excellent. Your interpreters are very friendly and professional and protocol is followed by all.

Service Provider Manager