Image of Ai-based Neural Translation + Human Editing

Neural Translation + Human Post-Editing: Is It Good Enough to Publish?

LSI Marketing Language Translation, Machine Translation, Neural Machine Translation

Neural translation (NT) is showing great promise as a baseline tool for high-volume content translation. Compared to (statistical) machine translation, Neural offers better comprehension and readability right out of the box. Few would argue that the quality of Neural translation is good enough to publish as is. But what if …

Image of legal symbols plus money: Represents legal translation budgets

Legal Budget Uncertainty — 9 Solutions to Help Control Your Case Budget

LSI Marketing Language Translation, Legal Translation

You’re the Lead Counsel or Head of Litigation Prep for an important case. You have a massive quantity of foreign language documents to translate in a limited time. To feel confident about the quality of your information and your ability to meet Court-imposed deadlines, budget is a huge factor. How …

Legal Timeline Image

Legal Timeline Uncertainty — 9 Solutions to Help Control Your Case Schedule

LSI Marketing Language Translation, Legal Translation

As an attorney, particularly the Lead Counsel on an important case, you’ve achieved much in your career by mitigating risk. But when aspects of the case aren’t in your control, it’s much harder. An area where you sometimes have the least control is Court- or DOJ-imposed deadlines. If you’re required …

9 Steps to Mitigate Legal Info Uncertainty

LSI Marketing Language Translation, Legal Translation

If, like many of our clients, you’re leading a high-profile international legal case, these 3 challenges probably keep you up at night. They are Information Uncertainty, Timeline Uncertainty, and Budget Uncertainty. Information Uncertainty is when a mountain emerges of foreign language documents that are central to your case. But they’re …

Image of Industry Terminology Representing the Core Asset of a Foreign Language Translation Library

Monetize Your Association Assets — Build A Foreign Language Translation Library

LSI Marketing Language Translation, Machine Translation, Marketing Translation

If you’re responsible for the growth of your association membership and/or the improvement of member services, a significant opportunity may be available for you. You can monetize one of your most important assets — your industry-specific terminology and knowledge — by building a foreign language translation library. This multilingual glossary …

The Translation Process Can Be A heavy Responsibility: Hand It Off To Linguistic Systems

Translation Outsourcing: Hand Us Your Heavy Translation Responsibility

LSI Marketing Language Translation, Translation Outsourcing

Admit it. You probably hate securing quotes when you have a new translation project. It’s a disruption to your regular routine. It requires you to devote a concentrated amount of time and effort to the process. And it causes anxiety as you wonder whether you’ve invited enough providers, selected the …

Three Automotive Engineers Discuss New Plans While Sculpting a New Model For a Car

Are You Innovating In Only One Language?

Christina Mastrocola Language Translation, Legal Translation, Patents

2016 was a record-breaking year in technology and invention according to the World Intellectual Property Organization. With more than 233,000 patents issued, that is a lot of innovation. If you’re an intellectual property owner, you want to protect your patents and content while also enabling other potential contributors throughout the …

Image of multi-colored fidget spinners on a colored background as a metaphor for behavioral targeting

Behavioral Targeting: What 60% of Foreign Buyers Prefer

LSI Marketing Behavioral Targeting, Language Translation, Marketing Translation

If you’re a marketer or product owner, behavioral targeting is an awesome aspect of the digital age. You can better understand the behaviors of current and potential customers by observing their real-world actions – typically online or on your site. Behavioral targeting is presumed to be a strong predictor of …