Perhaps in no other industry is the true original meaning of content more important than in the legal profession. An entire case and millions of dollars in damages can turn on a specific word or phrase. Linguistic Systems has translated millions of legal documents in 120 languages and has served top legal firms for 50 years.

Representative Clients: Large eDiscovery companies, government law enforcement agencies, hundreds of US- and internationally-based law firms, and most of the Fortune 100 and AmLaw 100 firms.


Life Sciences

As a business or product leader in life sciences, biomedical, pharmaceutical, or other clinical research, your challenge is daunting — develop research documentation and product labeling in multiple languages that satisfy complex regulatory standards. And do this in ever-shorter product launch cycles. Linguistic Systems has helped life sciences leaders on dozens of these projects for decades.

Representative Clients: Leading global biotechnology, clinical research, and pharmaceutical companies.



For organizations selling medical equipment, devices, medicines, or supplies globally, it’s essential to translate key product and business content. Healthcare and insurance providers operating domestically face language challenges too — patients as a group may speak as many as 100 languages. Linguistic Systems, has provided quality translations to medical providers and manufacturers for 50 years.

Representative Clients: Dozens of leading industry healthcare providers, health insurers, medical equipment and device manufacturers, medical associations, and more.



Communicating in native language while using culturally appropriate business terminology is essential for winning and keeping international customers. Linguistic Systems can translate your vital international content precisely, quickly, and affordably as we have for businesses for 50 years.

Representative Clients: Leading medium- to large-sized global enterprises.



When you take the time to present your message in the language most familiar to your audience, it’s a mindful, respectful approach. Linguistic Systems can help you drive higher response rates, engagement, and a stronger brand connection by translating your original material into compelling, localized content.

Representative Clients: Well-respected agencies, marketing firms, and corporate marketers.



Knowledge consumption today is personal, local, mobile, and interactive. Linguistic Systems can help you convert your original language content into linguistically and culturally relevant apps, audio files, books, blogs, eZines, infographics, magazines, newsletters, podcasts, reports, videos, and more.

Representative Clients: International book, magazine, scientific and research publishers.