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When 150,000 pages of Japanese legal and technical translation was needed to secure government approval for the mega-merger of two tech titans, the project came to us. Assembling a team of 500 qualified translators, we delivered the job on time in 40 days.

And when a major law firm needed 12,000 Chinese language pages translated in 2.5 weeks, during the holidays, they also came to us. And we delivered on time for them as well.

Perhaps in no other industry is the original meaning of content more important than in the legal profession. Sometimes an entire case and millions of dollars in damages can depend on translation accuracy. Linguistic Systems has been serving top legal firms and law enforcement agencies with highly accurate language translations for 50 years.

An imprecise or inappropriate translation, or a lack of knowledge about the law or culture in other countries, can damage your reputation. Why take that risk?

At Linguistic Systems we understand, and we offer:

  • Deep Legal Expertise

    Highly qualified translators with relevant experience for your projects. All have worked in the legal field, many as attorneys.

  • Language & Cultural Fluency

    Our translators are native speakers in the target languages and dialects of your project. They’re tested for translation accuracy and cultural fluency.

  • Quality & Security

    We maintain the highest standards of quality and security to protect your content. Our policies and procedures follow strict ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 27001 requirements.

  • Government Compliance

    We help clients meet numerous US Government regulatory requirements. We can provide certifications and notarizations, as needed, to validate your translations.

Specialized legal translation and interpreting services

eDiscovery — Comprehensive foreign language translation services for searching, organizing, indexing, and reviewing massive amounts of data using machine and human translation techniques; plus consultation to ensure optimum, affordable results.

Mergers & Acquisitions Translation of thousands of foreign language documents from myriad sources across multiple areas of the business. Includes assigning subject matter experts in Finance, Operations, Technology, Product Development, Human Resources, and Sales and Marketing as needed. May include building and maintaining separate, secure content asset libraries.

Intellectual Property Translation of foreign patents to English, and English to foreign for filing abroad.

Corporate Law Contracts, company by-laws, foreign regulations, employee and supplier claims, product introductions, and creation of legal entities in other countries.

Immigration Law Visas, certificates, diplomas, school transcripts, work histories, and more.

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting We regularly supply trained interpreters (in-person and via telephone) for investigations, depositions, conferences, and formal hearings.

Select Translation Service (STS)

Powerful Technology for eDiscovery, M&A, and Data Analysis

Communication across multiple languages, diverse cultures, and complex regulatory environments presents major challenges. Massive quantities of documentation often need to be translated into a common language before they can be analyzed. But this is cost-prohibitive and time-consuming.

Linguistic Systems’ Select Translation Service (STS) makes it possible to accelerate and reduce translation requirements — potentially saving weeks of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology with human intelligence in a unique approach designed specifically for Big Legal projects — eDiscovery and mergers & acquisitions — and Big Data analytics projects.

STS applies a unique meaning-based approach to surpass raw machine translation combined with targeted exploratory search and enhanced review. This process quickly identifies and organizes the most relevant foreign language documents. After a first pass, a team of native language experts is deployed to process the relevant documents and work with your analysis team to determine the optimal translation path — saving you substantial time and money.

STS Plugin for Relativity

Relativity is a powerful document management software solution by kCura with an ecosystem that facilitates and significantly enhances the process of eDiscovery. Using Relativity, customers are better able to organize data, and discover and act on the facts.

Linguistic Systems has developed a software plugin that lets Relativity users securely access our Select Translation System (STS). Called “a breakthrough” by many attorneys, the STS plugin enables fast, high quality and optimized translation ordering directly within the Relativity tool. Users report savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for larger projects, while still maintaining accuracy and comprehensibility.

Click here to see what kCura has to say about Linguistic Systems’ STS Plugin for Relativity.


Our experience serving most of the AmLaw 100 and Fortune 100 has shown that an inaccurate translation of patent applications can result in narrowed scope, unenforceable patents, and invalidated claims. How can you avoid these pitfalls?

LSI has translated millions of legal pages, covering 120+ languages. We’ve made it our mission to deliver the most accurate patent translation work with technical expertise. If the translation is for filing abroad, we’ll work closely with you to develop a translation that will ensure a high-end result in all aspects.

We can create translation glossaries and translation memory that are specific to your projects and organization. This allows you to maintain accuracy, and you’ll save time and money by eliminating duplication of previously translated work.

Linguistic Systems can provide translation for:

  • Patent applications
  • Office actions
  • Appeals/opposition responses
  • Licensing agreements
  • Documents for patent filings and litigation work

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Translation Project Examples

  • Company bylaws and policies
  • Employer policies
  • Intellectual property
  • Product warranties
  • Financial reports
  • Personnel records
  • Customer laws and treaties
  • Depositions
  • Antitrust litigation support
  • Legal briefs
  • Judgments and rulings
  • Pro bono work
  • Regulatory filings
  • Journal articles
  • Contracts
  • International agreements
  • And more …
Representative Clients: Large eDiscovery companies, hundreds of international law firms, government law enforcement agencies, and most of the AmLaw 100 and Fortune 100 companies.