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Capturing the attention of target customers is challenging. They’re exposed to hundreds of competing messages each day.

Even when a product is a strong match with customers’ interests, if the promotional message is not in their native language — or equally important — it’s not culturally on target, they are less likely to engage.

Now imagine how international customers feel when they receive this from your brand. Your message feels “foreign” — disconnected and out-of-touch.

However, when you take the time to present your message in the cultural language of your audience, it’s different. It’s more mindful, respectful, and it engages customers on their terms.

Linguistic Systems can help you drive higher response rates, engagement, and action — and a stronger brand connection — by transcreating your original material into compelling, localized content. It’s a major step beyond translation.

Native Know-How

Our transcreation promotional writers are native to the languages and cultures you seek. So they understand what works in that culture, and what doesn’t. You’ll speak to audiences in terms they understand using idioms they accept and appreciate.

We further review the work for industry jargon in each locality, and for cultural consistency.

We can help you with all aspects of marketing. This includes translation and transcreation of Web content, email marketing, online advertising, blog posts, search terms, product content, event graphics, public relations and more. We’ve helped marketing agencies and companies with their translation needs for decades.

What can we translate — or transcreate — for you?

• Marketing research
• Marketing strategies
• Advertising campaigns
• Web sites
• Catalogs
• Annual reports

• Media kits
• Press packets
• Product brochures
• Product packaging
• Event graphics
• Posters and infographics

• Email campaigns
• Online advertising
• Social media and blog posts
• Newsletters and eZines
• Presentations
• Brand name and logo analysis

Representative Clients: Well-respected advertising agencies, marketing companies, digital marketers, and corporate brands.