Image of Industry Terminology Representing the Core Asset of a Foreign Language Translation Library

Monetize Your Association Assets — Build A Foreign Language Translation Library

LSI Marketing Language Translation, Machine Translation, Marketing Translation

If you’re responsible for the growth of your association membership and/or the improvement of member services, a significant opportunity may be available for you. You can monetize one of your most important assets — your industry-specific terminology and knowledge — by building a foreign language translation library. This multilingual glossary …

The Translation Process Can Be A heavy Responsibility: Hand It Off To Linguistic Systems

Translation Outsourcing: Hand Us Your Heavy Translation Responsibility

LSI Marketing Language Translation, Translation Outsourcing

Admit it. You probably hate securing quotes when you have a new translation project. It’s a disruption to your regular routine. It requires you to devote a concentrated amount of time and effort to the process. And it causes anxiety as you wonder whether you’ve invited enough providers, selected the …