Management Team

Martin Roberts


Founder and president of Linguistic Systems, Inc., Marty Roberts is thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of professional translation services. From his initial involvement in the company's formation to the present, Marty has developed a solid company with continuous growth.

Marty's educational background includes a BSME (1954) from City College of New York and an SM (1960) from MIT in mechanical engineering. Before enrolling at MIT, he worked as an engineering project manager, and from 1960-1970 he was a staff research engineer in the NASA space program at MIT.

Under his leadership the company has branched out from legal translation services to include many other areas: business, government, marketing, industrial, information technology, medical, insurance, training, finance, and bio-tech. He has guided the company from three staff members in a small room to its present 30 employees and some 7,000 contractors. His vision has enabled the company to develop a unique online system that will allow for rapid expansion in a world that is becoming more interconnected every day.

Edel Damkjaer

Director of Accounting and Human Resources

Edel is a native of Denmark, where she completed business school, and continued her education at Northeastern University in the US. She has been employed by several manufacturing companies, to design, implement, and install accounting systems. Edel has held her current position at LSI since 2000, and has been responsible for implementing major financial and HR systems. Edel came to LSI from a private mortgage and real estate holding company, where she was the head accountant.

Jim Corcoran
IT Manager

Jim joined LSI in 1999 after working 20 years in human services. Jim manages the computer and telephone networks, supports staff and applications, as well as plans and implements new information technologies. Jim is a certified Novel engineer and has received a certificate in client server application development from Boston University's Corporate Education Center. Jim has also earned several database development and Microsoft Windows certificates. He has a BA degree Fairfield College and an MA degree from Assumption College.

Kathrin Rueda

Quality and Information Security Systems Manager

Kathrin joined LSI in 2009 and is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the company’s ISO-certified quality and information security management systems. With more than 18 years of experience as a technical writer, translator and translation manager in the medical device industry, followed by training and work as a process auditor for manufacturing and software development companies, Kathrin has been able to establish sound organizational processes that continue to meet the requirements of the international quality and information security standards ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 27001.

Kathrin’s educational background includes the Abitur (Germany), a Bachelor of Arts in English (Salem State College), a Master’s of Arts in English and a Master’s of Arts in German (both from Tufts University), as well as certificates in web design, graphic design and quality system auditing. Kathrin is professionally bilingual in English and German and has a reading knowledge of French and Spanish.

Shannon Dudak

Director of Operations

Shannon has joined LSI with 10 years of language industry experience, including translation, interpretation, project management, and managing teams of project managers. She has been instrumental in developing organizational processes and workflows to maximize team efficiency, and, using her strong translation and localization knowledge, was a recognized subject matter expert in software development.

She received her B.A. from Dickinson College in Spanish and political science and her M.A. from Kent State University (Institute for Applied Linguistics) in translation, focusing on Spanish medical translation.

Mark Ettinger

Vice President

Mark H. Ettinger, has more than 25 years of language services, U.S. and international public records and legal industry experience. Prior to joining Linguistic Systems, Mark was executive vice president of government services for Aristotle International, Inc. Before joining Aristotle, he was vice president of business development at LocatePLUS. He also spent almost four years as vice president of sales and marketing for LocatePLUS. Prior to joining LocatePLUS, Mark was director of The Legal Translation Center for Linguistic Systems, Inc., where he focused on working with large law firms and corporate legal departments. Before that he was vice president of the National Practice Institute. Mark spent eight years with the Minnesota-based West Group (WESTLAW), foremost provider of information and solutions for the U.S. legal market. While at West Group (now Thomson Reuters), he was consistently recognized as the company’s top-producing sales representative for West’s Legal Directory. 

He received his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota in history and his MBA in management from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Hugh Oechler

Senior In-house Project Manager

Hugh M. Oechler has had considerable experience shepherding large and small translation projects through to completion in a timely and cost-effective way. In his over 20 years at LSI, he has managed numerous legal, medical, scientific, and patent translation projects from a variety of major languages to English, including German, Japanese, French, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and others. His own language expertise is considerable, including German, French, Spanish, and Indonesian.

Mr. Oechler's educational background includes a B.A. from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton and an ALM from Harvard University in the history of the Chinese minority in Southeast Asia.