Linguistic Systems is a premier translation services company. We offer 6 quality options, cutting-edge MT technology, 7,500 certified translators, and 50 years of deep expertise.

[Comprehensive Service]

  • Translation of Digital Content

    Linguistic Systems offers a full suite of translation services. We can translate your digital content [any electronic documents, Web sites, advertising, email, client or internal communications].

  • Translation of Printed Content

    Linguistic Systems can translate your physical documents [any printed materials, publications, letters, product documentation, legal briefs, or other communications].

  • Live Interpreting

    Interpreting services are available for your verbal content [including speaking events, meetings, conference calls, webinars, and broadcasts] in real time.

  • Responsiveness & Reliability

    Rapid quotes, superb execution, prompt delivery, and favorable pricing are what you can expect from us — all the time. We put your project and needs first.

[Optimal Value]

Quality vs. Cost — We’ll Help You Choose

Capturing the true meaning of your international content, while staying within budget, is challenging. Machine Translation (MT) renders a fast output, but analysis shows it often delivers largely misleading information. Human Translation (HT) can significantly improve accuracy, but is it affordable?

Linguistic Systems brings a unique approach to language translation. We offer 6 levels of quality, so you can choose the option that best fits your budget, timeframe, and accuracy requirements. And we’ll help you select the right solution for your needs — often Enhanced MT to start.

[Enhanced MT … and More]

Machines & Humans in Partnership

Although many of our translation projects start with MT, very few end with it. That’s because Machine Translation (MT) results alone can have risky consequences. MT often misses the original intent of a word or phrase and sometimes even returns the opposite meaning. Scary.

We’re experts at enhancing MT results to affordably improve MT output — first by ensuring the engine is loaded with correct, relevant information. We then offer 4 additional levels of improvement by editing the MT output or employing human translation. We’ll help you choose the right levels for varying needs to optimize the process.

All 7,500 of our translators are native speakers — intimately familiar with the dialects of their mother tongue. And they’re all tested for competency. Our translators also have deep industry experience. 70% have advanced degrees in their chosen field and 1,000 have PHDs.

Before you risk your clients’ reputation, or your own, contact us. We’ve curated and certified 7,500 of the best translators on the planet, and we’ve solved tough translation challenges for 50 years.

[Deep Expertise]

Linguistic Systems has expertise in several other industries as well.