Image of multi-colored fidget spinners on a colored background as a metaphor for behavioral targeting

Behavioral Targeting: What 60% of Foreign Buyers Prefer

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If you’re a marketer or product owner, behavioral targeting is an awesome aspect of the digital age. You can better understand the behaviors of current and potential customers by observing their real-world actions – typically online or on your site. Behavioral targeting is presumed to be a strong predictor of …

Little girl dressed in a red cape jumping into the air from her bed to symbolize flying above the political fray

Localize Your Content and Fly Above the Political Fray

Christina Mastrocola Language Translation, Localization

How do you get your point across in a politically polarized environment? Political and cultural barriers can get in the way of your document translation. Will your documents retain their neutrality once translated for foreign markets? News spreads like wildfire, and it can influence your translations if politically charged. Social …

An image representing computer processing of language via machine translation.

Machine Translation: The Hidden Value of Outliers

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Savings can hide in the most curious places – particularly when doing machine translation (MT) to translate vast quantities of foreign language content. Machine translation is usually the starting point in the legal profession, corporate law, and many other high-volume content situations in order to churn through large amounts of …

Image of a map of Europe with country flags representing potential translation opportunities for brands looking to improve international commerce revenue.

Target Your eCommerce Translation Dollars

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Most ecommerce buyers prefer to purchase in their own language. Not a revolutionary concept, right? But there’s a way to target your ecommerce website translations smartly so that you preserve precious translation dollars while covering more countries than you may have thought possible. This article will explain how. (Note: As …

Image of a business compliance officer relaxing at work because his foreign language translation strategy is under control.

How to Sleep in a Foreign Language: A Guide for Compliance Officers

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As a compliance officer, you’re under-appreciated. It’s not hard to come away with that impression after reading Joanna Belbey’s article in Forbes (referenced below), “7 Nightmares Keeping Chief Compliance Officers Awake at Night.” Your team is often the scape-goat when senior executives are “shocked” to learn of legal and regulatory …

Image of 2 small teams reviewing Web content in native language

How to Increase Web Content Engagement Internationally

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There’s a common belief that for many subject areas — academia and science, technology, financial services, and digital content come to mind – English language content is sufficient for most international customers. But that’s a risky assumption. Here’s why. A global study of more than 3,000 consumers in 10 countries …