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We Speak: [Corporate Casual]

Business has evolved. Today it’s less about what you wear and more about what you know. But sometimes formality is expected. With business language, it’s the same.

You want to engage customers with relevance and familiarity in the manner they expect. Sometimes casual. Sometimes not. So we speak both.

Communicating in native language while using culturally appropriate business terminology is the preferred style. This fosters a deeper connection with your brand.

Linguistic Systems can dress you for success in that regard. We can translate your vital international content — whether for customers, employees, or other stakeholders — into more than 120+ languages and associated dialects. Precisely. Quickly. Affordably.

Business Savvy

To serve you, we leverage our network of 7,500 curated, tested, and thoroughly vetted professional translators. All are native speakers of your target languages. All have industry experience relevant to your project. 70% have advanced degrees.

Our depth of business experience is significant. We’ve served most of the Fortune 100 and tens of thousands of smaller businesses too. You can be confident you’ll receive culturally appropriate, on-target results — backed by our certifications for quality (ISO 9001, ISO 17100) and information security (ISO 27001).

When you need an experienced, dependable translation partner, count on Linguistic Systems. We provide the language, cultural, and industry expertise you require, quickly, and affordably.

What can we translate for you?

Translation Project Examples

  • Annual reports
  • Shareholder reports
  • Prospectuses
  • Product documentation
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Loan applications
  • Loan evaluations
  • Claims
  • Insurance policies
  • HR policies
  • Personnel files
  • Corporate policies
  • Web sites
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing strategies
  • Sales strategies
  • Product strategies
Representative Clients: Medium- to large-sized global enterprises in business, banking, financial, insurance, consumer products, technology, and other areas.