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As a business or product leader in life sciences, biomedical, pharmaceutical, or other clinical research organization (CRO), your challenge is daunting — develop research documentation and product labeling in multiple languages that satisfy complex regulatory standards. And you must do this in ever-shorter product launch cycles.

Further complicating your efforts is that patient literacy, medical practitioner processes, and cultural norms vary significantly from country to country. Local knowledge is critical.

3 Step Process

Linguistic Systems is by your side. We deliver translation services for a wide range of life sciences needs. Our process leverages 3 critical components:

  1. Careful translation and review by our highly knowledgeable, in-country language specialists;
  2. A second review by our medical expert editors in combination with your in-country team; and
  3. Ongoing glossary development and translation memory to ensure consistent use of industry-standard (and your proprietary) medical terminology and storage of translation for re-use in future work.

Linguistic Systems, in compliance with regulatory requirements, helps reduce your risk by certifying all foreign language versions of your medical product labeling and technical medical documentation.

We’ve helped life sciences, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and other clinical research organizations (CROs) on dozens of project types. Here are just a few.

What can we translate for you?

Translation Project Examples

• Medical and scientific research
• Informed consent forms
• Patient diaries/forms/materials
• Instructions for use (IFU)
• Case report forms (CRF)
• Drug registration documentation

• Product packaging and labeling
• Medical journals
• Manuals and courses
• Web sites
• Product literature
• Press releases

• Presentations
• Promotional marketing
• Annual & quarterly reports
• Regulatory documents
• Scientific articles
• Toxicology reports

Representative Clients: Leading global biotechnology, clinical research, and pharmaceutical companies.