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We Speak: [Multicultural Medical]

The medical sector is vast and complex. It includes everything from hospitals and healthcare organizations, to medical equipment and supplies, to medical insurance, and often pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. (We’ve shown this last category separately as Life Sciences).

For organizations selling or distributing medical equipment, devices, medicines, or supplies, business is global and it’s regulated. It’s essential to translate product instructions, strategies, international agreements, and business and marketing content into dozens of local languages.

Healthcare and insurance providers operating in a single country still face an international clientele. Patients as a group, particularly in larger cities, speak more than a hundred languages — an enormous challenge for healthcare professionals delivering care. So translation of consent forms, patient care instructions, prescription labels, and other documentation is critical even in domestic settings.

International medical events are a challenge as speakers come from all parts of the world to share learning. But without live interpreters, knowledge transfer is hindered.

Content Reviews & Certification

At Linguistic Systems, we provide medical translation services for a wide range of multilingual medical communications. Our process includes careful translation and review by medical subject experts. This output is then verified by your in-country representatives and ongoing glossary development to ensure consistent use of medical terminology. For compliance with regulatory requirements, we certify all foreign language versions of medical product labeling and technical medical documentation.

Sample Translation Projects

  • Product instructions
  • Product packaging & labels
  • International customs forms
  • Insurance forms
  • Informed consent forms
  • Patient diaries
  • Patient care instructions
  • Medicine labels
  • Promotional literature
  • Medical brochures
  • Annual reports
  • Quarterly statements
  • Medical journals
  • Published articles
  • Medical presentations
  • Travel visas
  • International CVs
  • And more …
Representative Clients: Dozens of leading industry healthcare providers, health insurers, hospitals, medical equipment and device manufacturers, medical associations, universities, and more.