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If you want your published content to connect, it must be relevant. There’s no better way to achieve this than to be in the reader’s native language. For today’s knowledge consumer, it must also come alive — leveraging interactive, mobile, and multimedia publishing techniques.

Linguistic Systems can help you convert your original language content into linguistically and culturally relevant apps, audio files, books, blogs, eZines, infographics, magazines, newsletters, podcasts, reports, videos, voice-overs, and more. So your subscribers will embrace it with appreciation and continue to subscribe.

The Case for Localization

Publishing in native language is not just a nice thing to do for your audience, it can be immensely profitable — particularly for high-ticket subscriptions. Linguistic Systems has 7,500 of the best translators on the planet, ready to help you reach an enormous global audience in multiple local languages.

Graphics & Multimedia Support

If your documents for translation contain graphics or various multimedia elements, we can translate your content while still preserving your original art. This way your branding stays intact.

Need to spice things up? We have a graphics department that can help bring your static content to life in various multimedia formats. Graphics and multimedia add additional understanding to your content. And consumers who are more engaged with your content form a stronger connection with your brand.

Linguistic Systems has earned many stars over the years from its publishing clients. Our translators have years of experience working in universities, media, publishing, medical, legal, and scientific communities.

We cater to all aspects of publishing including books, magazines, academic and scientific journals, newspapers, blogs, Web resources, and more. As publishing continues to evolve toward an electronic-first and interactive-first model, Linguistic Systems will be there to ensure that your subscribers stay loyal.

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Representative Clients: Major international book, magazine, scientific journal, and IT research publishers.